Lone Star State Dulcimer Society


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LSSDS Jam Tunes

New additions

Flop-eared Mule
Golden Slippers
Whiskey Before Breakfast

Easy D Tunes

Bile Them Cabbage
Liza Jane
Oh, Susanna
Old Joe Clark
Old Time Religion
I Am Bound For The Promised Land, AKA On Jordan's Stormy Banks
Spotted Pony
We Gather Together

Slightly Harder Tunes

Black Mountain Rag
Dancing by Starlight
Gaspe Reel
Morning Has Broken
Soldier's Joy
Turkey in the Straw
Wildwood Flower

Hard Tunes

Atholl Highlanders

New England Chestnuts (A new LSSDS project)

Chorus Jig (a reel actually) page 1
Chorus Jig page 2
Green Mountain Petronella
New Rigged Ship
Steamboat Quickstep in G
Steamboat Quickstep in A
White Cockade

MD tab for White Cockade

Many thanks to Betty Odum for creating these tabs. They are both in D-A-D tuning, capoed at fret 3 for the key of G. If teaching this, she would approach it in three steps:

  1. Easy tab - plain vanilla, easier to sight-read.
  2. Easy tab - but filling in 4-0-4 and 0-0-0 strums. (Could be pencilled in by students.)
  3. Advanced tab - adding chords and diddles.

Starter tab for White Cockade
More challenging tab for White Cockade

Afterthought from Betty:

Yesterday, I had a "duh!" moment and asked myself what would happen if you tune the dulcimer to D-G-D, then take the basic tab and change all the "0's" on the treble string to "3's". Result: White Cockade in G, no capo needed, tune playable on treble or bass string.
Additional thought: some folks could play it this way along with others using the capoed versions.