The Lone Star State Dulcimer Society Newsletter

April 12, 2014

A Note from Joe: For many years, the contact email for LSSDS has been my address.  I will be dropping that email account in the next couple of months and switching everything to my main email address, .  To reduce spam, some of you have your email programs set to only accept email from certain addresses.  Please be sure to add to your list of approved addresses so your newsletters will arrive in your inbox.  Otherwise, they may bounce.  If that happens, not only will you miss info about upcoming meetings and festivals, but you will also miss all of the pearls of wisdom Dana shares with us on a regular basis.  That would be a tragedy.  Or, not.  Either way, please update your address books to reflect the new email address.  Thanks, Joe.  Now on to those pearls of wisdom from Dana:

April Meeting:  The April meeting of the Lone Star State Dulcimer Society will be on April 12th at the First Christian Church, 114 W. Grauwyler Road, in Irving, Tx.  Dana, Linda, Joe, and Karl decided to try to do things a little differently at LSSDS for the rest of this year.  We're still going to meet at the same time and place, just make a little different schedule.  For the Hammered Dulcimers, we'll start a Beginning Slow Jam Workshop at about 6:15, getting there and setting up at 6.  This Beginning Workshop will feature EASY tunes and chords to play along with them.  We're going to start off with several tunes that are already posted at Liza Jane, Bile Them Cabbage, and Spotted Pony.  All of those are in the key of D and have 3 chords:  D, A, and G.  Linda will have music there that show where the chords change.  We won't be teaching any chord theory, but will be showing what it's like to play the music while others are playing chords.  Then, about 7:15, we'll take a break for a Pot Luck Snacks/Supper kinda thing and the shortest business meeting you ever experienced.  Then, around 8 or 8:15, we'll start a more advanced workshop and jam session.  Maybe call it Intermediate.  We won't promise to go at the snail-speed of the Slow Beginning Jam, but when Linda was first learning, she claims she found trying to jam along with the others challenging enough to make her work harder to learn the tunes and catch up.  This time, Linda will be teaching Atholl Highlanders, a rousing jig in A. Bob McClure will have it posted on by the time you receive this.

After Winterfest Our new meeting location will be:  First Christian Church of Irving, located at 114 W. Grauwyler Road.  This is just south of Airport Freeway and just east of O’Connor Road.  The dates and times at  are shown as tentative because we may need to have some flexibility should a church activity conflict with our meeting.  But, we also have the flexibility to change the time should we decide to do any afternoon meetings as some have requested.  The schedule will be posted at and any changes to meeting details will be posted there as soon as they are known.  As always, all information about the next meeting will be listed in the newsletter for that month.

The 33rd Annual Lone Star State Dulcimer Festival:  Often referred to as “Glen Rose” the festival will be happening at Oakdale Park in Glen Rose, Texas on May 9-11.  It’s free!  You have to pay for camping if you stay at the park.  Tent camping is back on for this year.  Everywhere.  They won’t be turning anyone away like they did last year.  Also too there will be some overflow rv spots if they are self contained.  (I.E. no water or electric)  I don’t think we needed it last year.  All is going pretty well so far and I’ve included the schedule of concerts and workshops with this missive.  Headliners are Bing Futch (md) and Dan Duggan (hd).  Ann Browning will be collecting promises, cookies, foods, MONEY and whatever else we need for the performers at the April meeting.  I will NOT be there but Joe Morgan has agreed to pass on the last minute details at the meeting.  (after I tell him what they are…)

The Winterfestival of Acoustic Music:  Well, another Winter Festival has come and gone and I have loads of you to thank for all the help.   Please forgive me if I leave you out.  It's not intentional.  Susan Applegate made our nametags.  Frances Butt and Karl Neumann manned the Registration Booth.  Tom Whitaker and Susan
Bittner helped a lot with the setting up, along with some people who's names are eluding me this morning---that nice couple---   Jody Friberg and Pat Pearce do a great job for us at the staff booth.  Bob McClure posts everything on the website about the same time I get it to him.   What a help that is!  Richard Corey counts the heads in the workshops.   Can you even imagine how much help that is?   We know who's going where.   Whether you come is your vote for continuing Winter Festival.   Where you go indicates what you want to see/hear.    This year, Lloyd Wright did the sound.  The Vandeveers and Conway Wharton helped them move it back and forth.   Do you think we should just leave all the concerts in the same place?  Jan Corey is there for all sorts of things I didn't even know were going to come up.   Over to Love Field during Thursday afternoon Rush Hour.   Getting Karen Mueller from DFW so that she didn't have to miss more than a couple of hours of WF, despite what the storm in MN was doing.    Our stage managers make all the concerts go much better.   Thanks to Fred Moss, John Cardascia, and Dana Hamilton.   We had the first 3 WFs at John's church in Garland.   He's moved on, now, but has been with us from the very beginning.  He introduced us to Fred and you KNOW how long Dana's been around.  Our "local" staff isn't all that local, sometimes.   But, they're all excellent.  Last but never least:  Wesley Thompson did the 2 jobs for WF I dread the most every year.   Am off to get the fixings for a big pot of soup to thank him personally.
        The attendance was down at this year's WF.   We don't, really, know why.   But, there are probably several reasons.   Nowadays, there are 6 other festivals in fairly close range.   Few people are going to all of them.  The economy's down.  Some headliners are available somewhere else, closeby, fairly soon.  We think enough publicity to let people know how special the people we're having are might help.
        Next year, Winter Festival will be February 20 and 21, 2015.    I've already got 2 young men who've come HIGHLY recommended to us:  Aaron O'Rourke on MD and Andy Young on HD with Al Tauber on guitar.   Look them up on YouTube.   You'll see what I mean.   Contact me at to give suggestions either about how to make WF work better or who to ask to join us as headliners in years to come.  Thanks, Linda

Hammered Dulcimer Teacher Wanted:  Jean Hand, a semi-home bound dialysis patient in Waxahachie, Tx. is looking for someone in the Waxahachie area who teaches the hammered dulcimer.  You can contact Jean at