Lone Star State Dulcimer Society

February 19, 2013


February Meeting:  No LSSDS meeting in February.  Instead, we hope everyone will be able to attend the Winter Festival of Acoustic Music on February 22 & 23.  Winter Festival is held at the First United Methodist Church in Irving.  It is located at 211 W. Third Street near the intersection of Irving Boulevard and O’Connor Road.  The headliners this year are No Strings Attached, Stephen Seifert, Mark Nelson and Tina Bergmann and Bryan Thomas.  There will be sixty workshops each day as well as concerts featuring the headliners and our talented “local” staff.  For additional information go to www.lssds.com and click on the Winterfest link.  You’ll find schedules, pricing and much, much more.  Hope everyone will be able to join us.


From Joe Morgan:  Those of you who have attended the last couple of meetings have heard me report on my problems with the LSSDS mailing list.  For many years, my job has been keeping the membership information, printing snail mail labels for the newsletter and forwarding the email version of the newsletter to those members on the email list.  In November, I went to update the memberships only to discover the file containing all of the lssds information had disappeared.  I have no idea what happened or where it went.  The software was still there, but the data file was gone.  No problem, we had backups.  Except, the backup files were corrupted and were unusable.  So, we started to work toward recreating the list from the renewal slips you send in when you renew or join.  In the midst of that, right before Christmas, the computer up and croaked.  Needless to say, it has been an adventure.


A new computer is now in place and we have been able to restore as much of the mailing list as is possible with the information I have on hand.  The folks receiving the email version have not been affected very much.  In fact, some people have continued to receive the newsletter, even though their memberships have lapsed.  I was still able to send email to the folks on the email list, since that list was in a different address book.  But, I did not have the list containing expiration dates, so I didn’t know who should get a renewal notice or be dropped from the list.  Unfortunately, the snail mail folks missed out on a couple of newsletters.  This was unavoidable without the information from the old list.  So, I am adding some time to the snail mail memberships to try and compensate for the missed newsletters.  Some of the snail mail folks would have been dropped in the last couple of months, but since they did not receive a newsletter or renewal notice, I can’t take a chance without giving them another opportunity to renew.


So, that’s where we stand on memberships.  I do apologize for any inconvenience and will do my best to make sure we do not have this kind of interruption in the future.  Backup, backup, backup.  But, we did that before and the files were corrupted.  We’ll figure it out.  If anyone has any questions about your membership, please send me an email at jmm1@flash.net  .  I think we have everything back in good shape, but mistakes happen.  Thanks for your patience.  JM



Also from Joe: I have attached the LSSDS meeting schedule for 2013. All of the 2013 meetings will be held at the Senter East Building in Irving.  This is in south Irving near the intersection of Shady Grove Road and Senter Road.