A NOTE FROM JOE:  At the last meeting I told everyone that the lssds membership files on my computer had disappeared and the backups were corrupted and not useable.  But, I had enough information to reconstruct everything and just needed the time to do get it done.  Since then the computer quit working altogether.  Perfect.  But, we have a new computer and we’re getting everything working again, but it is taking time.  So, please bear with me while I’m trying to put everything back together.  Again, I have all of the info to do it, but it’s hard to find the time.  Thanks for your patience.  Joe



Lone Star State Dulcimer Society

January 12, 2012


January Meeting:  The January meeting of the LSSDS will be held on Saturday, January 12, at 6:00 p.m.  We will meet in at the Senter East Building in Irving, Texas.  Hammer Dulcimer will be led by Mary Ellen.  The MD folks will be led (down the primrose path I reckon.)  There will be some stuff for MD players but I don’t have it yet.  Then we can jam together.  (Reminder to HD people:  Play nice and bring some really, really soft quiet hammers.  Or NOT!)


Email Newsletter:  If you would like to get the newsletter my email contact Joe Morgan at jmm1@flash.net.


2013 Meeting Dates and Times:  February 22 and 23, Winterfestival of Acoustic Music, held at First United Methodist Church, 211 W. 3rd Street, Irving, Texas 75060.  March:  no meeting.  April 13:  Senter East Building.  May 10-12: The 32nd Annual Lone Star State Dulcimer Festival held at Oakdale Park in Glen Rose, Texas.  June:  no meeting.  July 13:  Senter East Building.  August:  no meeting.  September 14:  Senter East Building.  October:  no meeting.  November 9:  Senter East Building.  December:  No meeting.  The Senter East Building is located at 228 Chamberlain Street, Irving, Texas 75060.  All meetings at the Senter East Building will begin at 6:00 p.m.


The Winterfestival of Acoustic Music From Linda Thompson:  The flyer and Advance Ticket/Shirt order form for our Winter Festival of Acoustic Music, February 22 and 23, 2013, Irving TX are available at LSSDS.com  (the dot com address is new.)  We've got a really good lineup.  There are preliminary schedules posted but very little information on them yet.  I intend to do a lot of work on the schedules the last week of this year and post much more informative ones around 1/1.  However, even now you can get an idea of how good it's going to be.  We have 3 sections of workshops each hour.  4 Hammered Dulcimer, 4 Mountain Dulcimer, and 4 "other" acoustic instruments and related subjects.  This year, the MD workshops will be taught by Mark Nelson, Stephen Seifert, Sue Carpenter, Linda Evans, Gary Gallier, Annette Lindsey, Karl Neumann, Scott Odena, Deb Porter, Nancy Price, and Margaret Wright.  The HD workshops will be taught by Randy Marchany, Wes Chappell, Tina Bergmann, John Cardascia, Russell Cook, Dana Hamilton, Princess Harris, Scott Jackson, David Lindsey, David Moran, Joe Morgan, Mary Ellen Robertson, Judy Schmidt, Mark Shelton, and Linda Lowe Thompson.  The other instruments featured are ukulele, guitar, autoharp, with some fiddle, harp, banjo, piano, pennywhistle, repertoire---on and on.  You're personally invited to come join us.  Any other questions, feel free to ask me.  Linda Lowe Thompson.  linda@lindalowethompson.com  Linda Lowe Thompson      Harvest Time Music, 309 Pennsylvania Drive   Denton TX 76205, 940-387-4001     lindalowethompson.com


Red River Valley Dulcimer Club:  Come enjoy the day with the club as we host a day of learning and fun!

Starting at 10am - take classes with Don Pedi, Linda Thomas or Dan DeLancey. Hour and a half long classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon will be offered for $15.00 a class in hammered dulcimer, mountain dulcimer and guitar.  Advanced beginner and up for hammered and mountain dulcimer

Beginner guitar (learning chords and chord progressions) morning / beginner flat picking guitar afternoon.  Join in the annual potluck lunch! Bring a dish to share with everyone. After classes we'll take orders for a pizza dinner and then we'll jam until dinner. Top off the day and enjoy a mini concert at 7pm.  Kicking off the event will be a hot dog roast at 6pm on Friday with a jam to follow at David and Annette's! The club would like to invite everyone to attend!  The campgrounds at Winter Creek Reunion / David's Dulcimers will be available Friday and Saturday nights at $20.00 a night. Units must be fully contained - no facilities will be available. 30amp and water services on grounds.  Special guest instructors:  Don Pedi - mountain dulcimer (advanced beginner and up)  Linda Thomas - hammered dulcimer (advanced beginner and up)  Dan DeLancey – guitar (beginner)  Hope you can plan to join us!  This information is posted on the club facebook page and www.rrvdccom address.  For more information you may call:  Annette Lindsey @ 580-847-2822  Laurel Hamrick @ 903-465-5590 (weekdays)



Glen Rose 2013:  We have started planning for the 32nd Annual Lone Star State Dulcimer Festival.  Planned performers thus far include Scenic Roots (a.k.a. Erin and Amber Rogers), Kendra Ward and Bob Bence, the Sawmill Vagrants, Russell Cook, Sweet Song String Band, Time Was, Scott Jackson,and a host of other well known musicians.  More on this later and as it become reality.


Crafts Festival Organizer No Longer Needed:  You might have heard that the Jeter’s came out of retirement.

That makes me about the happiest festival organizer in the business.  It really works well when someone knows what they are doing.  (I’m talking about the Jeters, not me.  I’m still larnin’.)


Retirement thoughts:  God grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked, the good fortune to run into the ones I do, and the eyesight to tell the difference.