The Lone Star State Dulcimer Society Newsletter

January 11, 2014


January Meeting:  The January meeting of the Lone Star State Dulcimer Society will be held on January 11 at 6:00PM at our new location.  For the hammered dulcimer folks, Linda Thompson says “come prepared for this session of HD players: Bring a list of tunes you already know well enough to play with others.  Bring a second list of any tunes you're eager to learn.  We'll spend the time together playing those tunes, teaching them to others that don't know them if that's what's needed, learning and playing the chords they use, if that's what's needed.  I'm going to remember to bring the list of the tunes given in the long-ago LSSDS Jam Book.  We can use those to figure out what we should play at that meeting and, also, throughout the entire coming year.”  Have not heard from Karl about plans for the mt. dulcimer bunch, but I feel certain there will be new tunes to learn and old tunes to revisit.  We also plan to jam.  If you haven’t been attending our meetings please try to come to this one.  We will be talking about dates, times, and workshop ideas.  With our new meeting location we have a little more flexibility on dates and times.  Special thanks to Joe Morgan for setting us up in our new location.  Be sure and note that we are NOT MEETING AT OUR FORMER PLACE!  Out with the old and in with the new I guess.


OUR NEW MEETING LOCATION IS:  First Christian Church of Irving, located at 114 W. Grauwyler Road.  This is just south of Airport Freeway and just east of O’Connor Road.  You can check out the schedule and map to see the location and the tentative dates and times for the 2014 meetings.  The dates and times are shown as tentative because we may need to have some flexibility should a church activity conflict with our meeting.  But, we also have the flexibility to change the time should we decide to do any afternoon meetings as some have requested.  The schedule will be posted at and any changes to meeting details will be posted there as soon as they are known.  As always, all information about the next meeting will be listed in the newsletter for that month.


The Winterfestival of Acoustic Music:  Winter Festival 2014 has been slow getting going, but is swiftly getting up to speed.  Cathy Barton & Dave Para, Karen Mueller, Sarah Elizabeth, Nick Blanton & Paul Oorts

Look on for Ticket Information, Advanced Ticket Forms, photo of this year's tee shirt and early order info, first draft of the schedules, and Misc WF Information.  We're looking forward to seeing you there, February 21 and 22, 2014.   First United Methodist Church  Irving TX.  If you have any questions, ask Linda at 940-387-4001, linda, 309 Pennsylvania Drive  Denton TX 76205.


The Lone Star State Dulcimer Festival:  Glen Rose is definitely on.  I met with the city manager, tourism director and the Oakdale Park director and they are very excited about our coming back to Glen Rose.  There were a few problems we need to work through.  Please come to the January meeting and we can talk about the festival and all the great news from the city about our festival.  I would also like to discuss performers, times, locations for some of our workshops, performer food, camping, trailers, overflow, and whatever else you might have questions about.  Let me assure you that Glen Rose is VERY on board.  It should be a really great year down there.  Come to the meeting and learn more.


Palestine Old Time Music and Dulcimer Festival:  The Old Pal festival will take place on March 27-29, 2014 in Palestine, Texas.  Featured performers include:  Tull Glazener, Wayne Henderson, Sue Carpenter, Margaret Wright, Lloyd and April Wright, Mark A. Cruz, Spencer and Rains, The Rosin Sisters, The Dove Brothers, Dan Delancy and Linda Thomas, Beverly Smith,  Alice Gerrard, and Don Pedi.


New Computer:  Your newsletter editor now has a new computer that I am currently getting used to.  I had to use a laptop for a while and it did not work out so well.  A lap should only be used for a mountain dulcimer.  Hopefully I’ll get used to this little sucker and I will fill your homes and emails with so much useless drivel unimportant facts that you could win any trivia game in town.  Hope to see you at the meeting.  Go Cowboys!  Oh wait! That doesn’t really fly anymore does it.


Hammered dulcimer for sale:  4 years ago I purchased new from Master Works a Master Works16/15c Hammer Dulcimer with chromatics ($1449), X brace stand ($109), padded case ($109) and hammers ($17) for one of my sons.  He took lessons from a local teacher for 6 months, then the teacher moved.  Couldn't find a teacher close by, so the dulcimer and accessories were put under his bed and forgotten.  We just began rearranging and discovered the things under his bed. My son no longer has a desire to follow through on trying to find a teacher and resume lessons.  I would make someone a great deal for $650 for all the above . I live in Justin, TX.  David Nall 940-230-3770