The Lone Star State Dulcimer Society Newsletter

January 9, 2015


LSSDS Meeting for January 9:  The Lone Star State Dulcimer Society will meet on January 9 at the First Christian Church, 114 Grauwyler Road in Irving, Texas.  Start time will be 1:00 for beginning workshops.  The mountain dulcimer will be led by Karl Neumann.  Hammer Dulcimer folks will be doing our usual stuff, learning, jamming, playing, having fun in general. Intermediate workshop following Pot Luck and business meeting.



All meetings will be held at the First Christian Church (FCC) of Irving, located at 114 W. Grauwyler Road. Grauwyler is just south of Airport Freeway and the church is just east of O’Connor Road.  This is a schedule that lists the tentative dates and times of the monthly LSSDS meetings through December 2016. They are listed as tentative because we may need to be flexible should a church activity conflict with our meeting. The schedule/map will be posted at Any changes in meeting times or dates will be posted on asap. Any questions, give me (Joe) a call at 972-986-6371 or send me an email at .



January 9, 2016:  FCC 1:00 PM

February 20, 2016:  FCC 1:00 PM NOTE: 3rd Saturday!( Special “We Miss You Winterfestival” meeting.)

March No meeting

April 9, 2016:  FCC 1:00 PM

May 6-8, 2016:  The 35th Annual Lone Star State Dulcimer Festival, Glen Rose, TX

June:  No Meeting

July 9, 2016:  FCC 1:00 PM

August 2016:  No Meeting

September 10, 2016:  FCC 1:00 PM

October 2016:  No Meeting

November 12, 2016:  FCC 1:00 PM

December No meeting


Photo Disc for our 35th Festival:  Jen Turner (with her degree in computer wizardry) has agreed to put together a photo disc for our 35th Annual Lone Star State Dulcimer Festival.  If you have pics you’d like to share from our past 34 years send them to Jen at:  Look through your old photos for some from our early years.  We’d like as many as we can get to chronical our journey.


Mountain Dulcimer Workshops Coming to Dallas Area?:  Lloyd Wright and Steven Seifert are planning to come to the DFW area in January for three days of mountain dulcimer workshops.  That’s all I have so still.  I think our friends in the Red River Valley Dulcimer Club are putting something together for this.  We will pass on the details as they become available.


Lateness:  We know that this newsletter is a bit late in getting to you.  The Christmas season being what it is and all the running and going and coming usually has its way with order and structure.  That should be enough reason for the delay but I received emails from Joe and Linda and their holidays had lots of extras that shouldn’t be wished upon anyone.  I won’t go into details but if you have some extra time and want to ask perhaps they could take the time to share with you some of the exploits of their holiday.  Of course that doesn’t explain why the newsletter is late since I (Dana) have to write it.  I’ve had my own interesting holiday.  In addition to Christmas planning and playing we have had other things to deal with.  My son, daughter-in-law and GRANDSON sold their house and while searching for another they have moved into our upstairs.  With all the confusion of where THEIR furniture goes was overwhelming everyone, my GRANDSON endeared himself to me as his favorite play thing.  This, of course, delights me immensely and we spend great gobs of time playing in the house, outside, and best of all, in the shop.  On top of that my youngest daughter is getting married in January and wedding plans are taking over for sanity in our household.  If anyone tells you they are having a “small wedding” that doesn’t mean there is less planning, less details, less $$$, than a big wedding.  It just means a small venue.  She is marrying a Korean guy whose parents don’t speak English so we have been enjoying the process of communication through sign language, gestures, nods, shrugs, and the interpretations of our future son-in-law who hopefully has painted a picture of me as a great humanitarian and fun loving crazy American.  He speaks three languages which makes him Tri-lingual.  His parents speak two languages which makes them Bi-lingual.  I speak one language which makes me American.  Needless to say it has been a fun filled and interesting holiday season.  Hopefully you will forgive my tardiness in the delivery of this missive.

Your friend and mine,  Dana