The Lone Star State Dulcimer Society Newsletter

July 12, 2014

July Meeting:  The July meeting of the Lone Star State Dulcimer Society will be on July12th at the First Christian Church, 114 W. Grauwyler Road, in Irving, Tx.  The mountain dulcimer group will continue working on increasing their repertoire of jam tunes.  They will review the tunes from last time and add a tune or two more!  Bring your old music if you've got it!  For hammered dulcimer beginning at 6:00 the beginning tunes in the key of D and playing the chords that go along with them.  We'll go over some, if not all, of the easy tunes in the key of D (2 sharps in the key signature) that you can find at  The 2 new ones are I Am Bound For The Promised Land and Old Time Religion.  Then, we'll go over the rest of those tunes.   Those of us who want to play tune can do so and those of us who'd like to play backup chords will work on those, some.
7:00 Pot Luck and business meeting.  It’s July, so we need to elect officers for the next year.  8:00 Advanced HD.  I think these 2 easy D tunes are posted on the website,  .org and .net also too work I think.


The Winter Creek Reunion:  Plans are well underway for the 13th annual Winter Creek Reunion in Bennington, OK.  Featured performers include Bill Spence with Fennig's All Stars, Bing Futch, Karen and Chuck Daniels, Russell Cook, The Wright Family, David and Dana, Grandpa’s Neighbors and more.  This festival is held at David and Annette Lindsey’s Farm way out in the country.  (David walks towards town to go hunting.)  For more info go to  (That’s computereese for Red River Valley Dulcimer Club)


The 33rd Annual Lone Star State Dulcimer Festival:  Wow!  What a great time we had.  If you missed it we are planning to do it again next year but with different headliners.  It was great to have Dan Duggan and Bing Futch back with us.  All the performances were fun.  Ann Browning did an amazing job in the hospitality kitchen for the performers.  It’s nice to have the Jeters back doing the arts and crafts.  Now that we have someone that knows what they are doing (instead of me) maybe this will build again.  If you know of someone that has a craft that you’d like to see come to Glen Rose please let Mike and Brenda know so we can extend an invitation and send them an application.  Mike and Brenda can be reached at:  Thanks to Dave Turner for all his help on stage.  I have no idea what they discuss up there when setting up the mics but it sure works out well in the end.  It’s great to have him there so I can be the buffoon while he does the hard stuff.  Cheryl and Jen Turner, Brenda Jeter, and their crew that run the raffle, er, um, I mean the door prizes do a great job of organizing and getting everything given away.  They have to work with me to decide when to do drawings and what to give away each time all while working with my schedule on stage so you can imagine how difficult it is.  Thanks to Linda Thompson and whoever she has working the contests.  I never get down there to see the contests but we ALWAYS have a winner and it’s completely organized for me when we present the prizes.  Thanks also too to Joe Morgan and the club booth folks.  They take care of performer sales, club info and memberships, sign up sheets for the contests, lost and found, counting donations, paying our performers and still have enough money left so we don’t go into the red.  So far so good huh Joe?  (Joe also gets to harass me if he sees we don’t have enough money for the performers.  Somehow I think he likes to see me sweat)  Lauren Plaskonos did another great job with the t-shirts this year.  We started selling them on Friday and by Friday we only had one left.  Thanks Lauren!  And of course as these list are posted someone is always left out.  If you are that person please know that we appreciate your help.  This festival is truly a club effort and so many do so much to see that it works.  Great job gang.  Let’s do it again next year.


Dulcimer For Sale:  Clay Anderson has a mountain dulcimer that needs a new home.  It's a McSpadden 4FHWW (all walnut, teardrop shape, flat head) in like-new condition. It has the nylon McSpadden case and all documentation that came with it.  It was made in 2012, and has only been played a few times.  He would like to get $350 for it, but is willing to negotiate that price.  If you know of any one interested in purchasing it, he would appreciate it if you would put them in touch with him. Feel free to forward this message as you see fit. You can reach Clay Anderson at or 817-565-4884.


More Instruments for Sale: Got the following note from Shirley Richards after Glen Rose:  Hi Joe,  I sold most of my instruments in Glen Rose.  Still have a 15/14 Spinet by David Lindsey.  The top is flame mahogany and walnut; has a case and hammers and screw-on leg.  Asking $450.00.  Have a sit down folding stand, a stand up folding stand for $50.00 each and an adjustable stand for different heights and angles for $100.00. Stands are for hammered dulcimers.  Also have a 15 chord autoharp sold by Sears and no silvertone name on it, has Oscar Schmidt name on it. It was built in mid 1960's.  Has a nice case and autoharp was reworked by Chuck Daniels. Asking $100.00.  Also have several set of hammers for sale.  If anyone in the club is interested, my number is 432-553-3408. Thank you so much for your help to let the club know.  Shirley Richards


A Note From Dan Duggan:  Hey Dana, It was great to see you at Glenn Rose last week. I had a riot and sure enjoyed seeing and hearing all that Texas music. I did get out of Texas OK but did my best to avoid the road blocks and immigration people. Lord knows what they do to Yankees trying to get out the state. { I think they might try to give me an extra push until I am over the state line }  The flight home was as much fun the the flight to Texas. Big storms in Detroit forced our flight to take another route to Detroit to get around the storms. My connector to Rochester was cancelled so I had to spend Tuesday night in Detroit and caught a flight home on Wednesday. Oh the joys of air travel these days. Thanks again for everything. If you are coming east at all let me know and I can make sure you can get over the Mason Dixie line without a hitch. And lets hope that its not 19 years until our next visit, we'll be playing in the wheel chairs with no idea what what tune is being played !!  Please pass on my thanks to everyone in the Lone Star Dulcimer club.


White Board Troubles:  I had some comments on the white board workshops.  We had people signing up to request a workshop and putting down workshop leader's names, one example is:  "Bing Futch - Blues".   Often it was confusing as to whether it was a request for a workshop or an offer to do a workshop.  Most of them ended up being requests for workshops.  Only once was there an offer by someone to do a workshop.  This puts extra work on the booth personnel to try and find a workshop leader to fill the request for a workshop.  This is NOT how it works at Palestine.  Me thinks people misunderstand what I meant.  This means we need to get more folks to come to Palestine but in the meantime I’ll try to clarify.  The white board sign up is for the performer to sign up on, not the student.  There is no way we could fill all the requests for workshops (although Winterfest does a pretty good job of it.)  The way it works in Palestine is for the performer to offer a workshop on a particular subject matter.  Sometimes people request this OF the performer but mostly it’s an offering BY the performer.  I’m sorry for the confusion.  Special thanks to Cheryl Turner for trying to fill those requests with teachers.  It’s was above and beyond and it definitely wasn’t the way it was intended.  I’ll try to be more specific next time.


I’ll Miss the Meeting:  I will miss the July meeting.  I will be CHINA with my wife and daughter coaching in a leadership conference at a university in Xi’an.  (Yeah, I know.  What was I thinking?)  We will be gone from July 11 till July 27.  We will be working with the best students in China on leadership skills.  I am led to understand it will be like a 2 week youth camp in 100 degree humid weather.  (Happy, happy, joy, joy.)  It will be quite an experience for me since the strangest place I’ve ever been is Austin.  (Austin’s just weird and they’re proud of it.)  Strange place, strange language, strange customs and most of all STRANGE FOOD!  It’s bound to be tough on a steak and taters kind of guy.  (I’ll be the really skinny guy when we return.)  So as you meet, remember me and my family.  The really good thing is that we return on the 27th, our 40th anniversary.  We will cross the international date line that day.  So my question to you is, will we be married for 40 years or 41 years when we land?