The Lone Star State Dulcimer Society Newsletter

July 11, 2015


LSSDS Meeting for July 11:  The Lone Star State Dulcimer Society will meet on July 11 at the First Christian Church, 114 Grauwyler Road in Irving, Texas.  Start time will be 1:00 for beginning workshops.  The mountain dulcimer folks will be continuing to play, review, and learn jam tunes as well as a tune or two tabbed by Tull Glazener.  For hammer dulcimer the Easy/Beginning workshop will be first.  We'll go through all the easy tunes listed on our website and continue to work on our Easy Jam Tune list.  Intermediate workshop will follow the Pot Luck and business meeting and be led by Dana Hamilton.



All meetings will be held at the First Christian Church (FCC) of Irving, located at 114 W. Grauwyler Road. Grauwyler is just south of Airport Freeway and the church is just east of O’Connor Road.  This is a schedule that lists the tentative dates and times of the monthly LSSDS meetings through December 2015. They are listed as tentative because we may need to be flexible should a church activity conflict with our meeting. This schedule/map will be posted at Any changes in meeting times or dates will be posted on asap. Any questions, give me (Joe) a call at 972-986-6371 or send me an e-mail at .


July 11, 2015: FCC 1:00 PM

August 2015: NO MEETING

September 11, 2015: FCC 1:00 PM

October 2015: NO MEETING

November 14, 2015: FCC 1:00 PM

December 2015: NO MEETING

Dulcimer and Psaltery for Sale:  Kathy Mayhew has a hammer dulcimer and a psaltery for sale.  She sent lots of really cool info on both of them and I am going to attempt to try something I’ve never done before.  I’m gonna try to include her “links” to said instruments.  Just in case it doesn’t go through I’ll try to put in all the relevant information for you also too.  Here are links to download the dulcimer info & lots of photos ( and the psaltery info & photos ( The instruments are available for pickup in Farmers Branch, TX.  Kathy Mayhew  972-835-0801  Hammered Dulcimer – Prelude Model, purchased 4/2/1998, Serial # 12495, .   2½ octaves,  laminated Finland birch soundboard and back, traditional 5th-interval tuning, 12/11 configuration, also available as a package with a case and playing legs. Current Prelude Package Price: $585 (Includes C10A case, 28-inch and 5-inch playing legs, T-handle tuning wrench, regular single-sided wood hammers, note guide strips).  Current Owner’s notes: Includes the Prelude Package items above in mint condition. Rarely played. There are two small scrapes on the front/top of the case – cosmetic only. All wires still have plenty of tensile strength to tune the instrument (not currently tuned).  Asking $525.   Alto Bowed Psaltery, 32 note by Jeff Gaynor of Noteworthy Woodworking, Ohio, Serial # 30182-298-377. the maker:  They all feature solid wood construction and an inlay between the sound board and the pin block.  We make the inlays in our shop so the style will vary.  The tops of the psalteries are Sitka on the smaller instruments and Sycamore on the largest.  The backs are always book matched and the ends off the pin block are veneered to hide the end grain.  All our psalteries are fully chromatic.  Psalteries come with a padded cloth case, tuning wrench and rosin.  Current Selling Price $370.  Walnut with sitka spruce soundboard, solid maple pinblock, and inlay. Includes carrying bag, cherrywood synthetic horsehair bow, and tuning wrench along with original letter of warranty/instruction.  Asking: $310.  ( There!  Now y’all push all those blue things and see how I done.)

The 34th Annual Lone Star State Dulcimer Festival:  If you were one of those that didn’t come you really missed a fine festival.  The “threat” of rain kept lots of people from coming and enjoying a really great time.  The weather in Glen Rose was absolutely beautiful.  Sun all day on Saturday.  We never got any rain until after the evening concert on Saturday in which case we were inside the convention center for the square dance by then.  No Strings were amazing as usual.  Gary Gallier and Dave Wilson were top notch.  Don Pedi was remarkable.  The sets on stage were well played by all of our performers.  Such a fun time was had that we really felt bad for all those that missed the festival because the weathermen missed the forecast.  You have to bear in mind that Glen Rose makes its own weather.  There are a great many new believers in the “Chalk Hill” theory.  Our mountain contest was won by Mark Gilston of Cedar Park, TX.  Second place went to Van Gardner of Decatur, Tx.  Third place was taken by Hope Arendse of Cleburne, TX.  The hammer dulcimer contest was won by Becca Van Zant of Katy, Tx with Amy Lyons of Marietta, Tx in second place and Sarah Arendse of Cleburne in third.  (Yes, the Arendse girls are sisters.)  Well, it was a great time so next year plan on coming, rain or shine.  If it rains we go into the convention center (AKA:  Hamilton Hall) and continue right on where we left off.  Gee whiz, you really ought to try to make it. 

Photo Disc for our 35th Festival:  Jen Turner (with her degree in computer wizardry) has agreed to put together a photo disc for our 35th Annual Lone Star State Dulcimer Festival.  If you have pics you’d like to share from our past 34 years send them to Dave and Cheryl for now and they can forward them to Jen.  The email we have for her is broken.  At least it’s broken from my end.  We will get that corrected by the next newsletter.  In the meantime look through your old photos for some from our early years.  We like as many as we can get to chronical our journey.  We never kept records or programs and all that other stuff because we never thought it would last this long.  But after 34 successful years we’ve to decided to go ahead and make it a regular thing.  Dave and Cheryl Turners email is:  (I just emailed them to find out Jen’s.)

Last-minute addition: Jen Turner’s correct email is: