The Lone Star State Dulcimer Society Newsletter

May 8-10, 2015


The 34th Annual Lone Star State Dulcimer Festival:  The 34th Annual Lone Star State Dulcimer Festival will take place on May 8-10, 2015 at Oakdale Park in Glen Rose, Texas.  Headliners this year are No Strings Attached, The Gary Gallier Band, and Don Pedi.  Attached is the latest “tentative” schedule available.  This attachment is subject to change without prior notice.  We have a wide variety of talent coming this year.  So much so that we are planning to start earlier on Friday than we ever have.  We will have a “white board” schedule for impromptu workshop.  There was some confusion on this last year.  If you have been to the Palestine Festival you know the routine.  Basically, an instructor will offer a workshop on a certain instrument and they will list it on the white board with subject title and location for the workshop.  If you would like for a certain person to teach particular workshop you should go to that person, ask if they would do it, and then the instructor will post it on the white board.  We have all the slots filled for the Saturday workshop but others may be offered.  We’ll just have to find a location for them.  Workshop locations will be posted at the festival.  Friday is wide open.  The Texas State Mountain Dulcimer Championship will be held Saturday morning at 10:00 in the convention center.  (It is often referred to as “the skating rink” or “Hamilton Hall”.  I prefer the latter.)  This contest is sponsored by The Dulcimer Shoppe in Mt. View Arkansas.  This makes 32 years that they have offered a McSpadden Mountain Dulcimer for the winner of the competition.  The Texas State Hammer Dulcimer Championship will be held in the same location at 2:00 p.m.  This contest is once again sponsored by MasterWorks Dulcimer Company of Bennington, OK.  Russell Cook has offered a Masterworks instrument to the winner of the contest since its beginning.  There will be some arts and crafts to check out including many instrument builders.  So bring the family and enjoy a great weekend of music, fun, dancing, workshops, arts and crafts and all the fun and frivolity that occurs here during the second weekend of May (also known as Mothers Day Weekend).  The festival is held at Oakdale Park in Glen Rose, Texas.  I would write the directions here but I know you’re only going to google it, mapquest it, or gps it on your cell phone.  However you get there be sure to not miss a single note.



All meetings will be held at the First Christian Church (FCC) of Irving, located at 114 W. Grauwyler Road. Grauwyler is just south of Airport Freeway and the church is just east of O’Connor Road.  This is a schedule that lists the tentative dates and times of the monthly LSSDS meetings through December 2015. They are listed as tentative because we may need to be flexible should a church activity conflict with our meeting. This schedule/map will be posted at Any changes in meeting times or dates will be posted on asap. Any questions, give me (Joe) a call at 972-986-6371 or send me an e-mail at .


June 2015: NO MEETING

July 11, 2015: FCC 1:00 PM

August 2015: NO MEETING

September 12, 2015: FCC 1:00 PM

October 2015: NO MEETING

November 14, 2015: FCC 1:00 PM

December 2015: NO MEETING


Dulcimer Builder Looking For Other Dulcimer Enthusiast:  Stephen Wells has built a few mountain and stick dulcimers.  He is working on a bowed dulcimer now and will then build a dulci-bro in time for the Glen Rose event in May.  He has also built a few mandolins, a fretless open back banjo, a 3 string slide guitar, as well as a psalmodikon. Now for the funny part…. He doesn’t know how to play any of them. They all tune up to specs and the few chords he knows sound good.  He is looking for is a group or individuals to learn from and or jam with in his area (Killeen-Copperas Cove-Fort Hood).  Does anyone know of anyone/anywhere (local or semi local) he could hook up with? Problem is he doesn’t want to travel more than an hour to do so.  Any assistance or direction to look would be greatly appreciated.  You can contact Stephen Wells at:

Lost and Found:  We had lost contact with a couple of our favorite people.  They disappeared from the festival seen and since I changed my email address and I don’t do Facebook, My Face, Twitter, Twatter, Hash tag, price tag or freeze tag, I didn’t know what happened.  But now they are found.  Glen and Carolyn Pope are living in an assisted living facility in Colorado.  Here’s their address and phone number so you can drop them a line, call them or somehow let them know we miss them and they are loved.  Glen and Carolyn Pope, c/o of Inglebrook at Brighton, 2195 E. Brighton Street, Brighton, Colorado, 80601.  Or call at:  Home (303) 835-4746 or Glen’s cell phone:  (303) 659-2152.

If I’ve forgotten anything I’m not surprised.  Glen Rose is coming.  If you had something you asked me to put in the newsletter and you don’t see it here then I have forgotten, lost the email, couldn’t find your phone number, had a senior moment, or just didn’t seem to care.   Pick the answer you like best, forward the information you had wanted in the newsletter and I’ll try again next month.  Hope to see you at Glen Rose!