Lone Star State Dulcimer Society

September 14, 2013


September  Meeting:  The September meeting of the LSSDS will be held on Saturday, September 14, at 6:00 p.m.  We will meet in at the Senter East Building in Irving, Texas.  From Linda:  The HD people are going to learn Morning Has Broken, using mostly the same chords the MD people are using.  Dana Hamilton's going to show us where to throw in some embellishments.   He suggested we might learn Turkey in the Straw in honor of Thanksgiving.  I'll have the bare-bones versions of MHB and Turkey in the Straw up on LSSDS.com, but probably not til this coming Monday.   From Karl:  I (Karl) will be leading the MD folks at the meeting.  Thought we would revisit jam tunes David Lamberson taught last time, take a look at a couple of Thanksgiving hymns, and maybe try Morning Has Broken as tabbed in the previous issue of Dulcimer Players News.

2013 Meeting Dates and Times:   September 14:  Senter East Building.  October:  no meeting.  November 9:  Senter East Building.  December:  No meeting.  The Senter East Building is located at 228 Chamberlain Street, Irving, Texas 75060.  All meetings at the Senter East Building will begin at 6:00 p.m.

12TH ANNUAL WINTER CREEK REUNION:  Dulcimer & Acoustic Music Festival.  October 10 - 13 2013 Featured performers include Cathy Barton and Dave Para, Joe Collins, Guy and Sharrie George, Betty Scott, Suzanne and Jim Hale, Margaret Wright, The Sawmill Vagrants, David & Annette Lindsey, Dana Hamilton, Russell Cook.  For more information contact:  Lynda, RRVDC Secretary.  580-434-6231/215-622-6394 or Check us out on FB at Red River Valley Dulcimer Club and at  www.rrvdc.com

4th Annual New Mexico Dulcimer Festival - October 18-19, 2013  Come and enjoy our beautiful New Mexico autumn!  This year we’ll have almost 40 workshops focusing on mountain and hammered dulcimers, but also Celtic harp, bowed psaltery, bodhran, ukulele, guitar, fiddle, and tin whistle. Absolute beginner dulcimer workshops will be offered with instrument rentals available, and free loaner instruments for some of the other workshops. Master classes, jams, open mic, on-site meals, on-site music/instrument vendor, and public concerts.  Featured performers include:   Lois Hornbostel (MD) with Ehukai Teves (MD, ukulele), Brenda Hunter (HD) with Banshee in the Kitchen, Dan Landrum (HD), Aaron O’Rourke (MD) with Katie Geringer (MD and fiddle), Tina Gugeler (HD), Irma Reeder (MD).  To be held at the Asbury United Methodist Church, 10,000 Candelaria Rd, N.E., Albuquerque, NM 87112.  Please plan on coming out to enjoy the festival with us this year! For you RVers, an attraction the week before (October 5-13) is the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta (www.balloonfiesta.com) with more than 700 hot air balloons. Attracting more than 800,000 national and international visitors, it is recognized as the largest annual event in North America, and the world's most photographed event.  Irma Reeder, New Mexico Dulcimer Association, President  www.NMDulcFest.com or 505-292-6030 ).  New Mexico Dulcimer Association, P.O. Box 11722, Albuquerque, NM 87192.

Sawmill Fest:  The second annual Sawmill Festival will take place in Kennard, Texas on November 1st and 2nd.  Featured performers include:  Lloyd and April Wright, The Saltrock Rounders, The Bardogas, Pipp Gillette, Spencer and Rains, Bottom Dollar String Band, Notorious, The Double Eagle String Band, Attoyac Valley String Ensemble, The Sawmill Vagrants, Stephen Seifert, Silas Lowe.  For more information contact:  lloydfwright@gmail.com,  936-545-5774 ,  april@crockettspringsrealestate.com , 936-222-3110 or see their website at millfestmusic.com .

Pop Up Camper Wanted: Hey y'all. I'm looking for a small pop up camper to buy. If you know of one, have one, or know someone that has one would you give me that information. I'd like to get it by Winfield to which I'm leaving right after the meeting next Saturday. My number is (817) 275-3872 or you can email me at mrbanjoist@gmail.com. Thanks. Dana Hamilton

Email Newsletter:  If you still receive the newsletter via snail mail and would like to switch to the email version, please send a note to Joe at jmm1@flash.net to let him know.


You might notice a different look to this month's newsletter.  That's because my regular computer fried the other day.  It went so bad that it even blew the old circuit breaker.  Whoa!  So I am trying to type this missive on my wife's laptop.  It doesn't work like a regular computer.  I'm hoping I get this thing done before something tragic happens to this computer also.  Like it bounces off a tree or accidently gets  run over by a train, or perhaps the screens accidently jumps in front of a moving baseball bat.  We will suffer through for a while I suppose because I really don't the money to fix the old one right now.  So until then you'll have to muddle through all this stuff with me as I try to learn a new trade, typing on a laptop while maintaining my sanity and temper.  Good luck to all of us...  (Dang it, even the letters are in different places on this little sucker...)