The Lone Star State Dulcimer Society Newsletter

September 13, 2014

September Meeting:  The September meeting of the Lone Star State Dulcimer Society will be on September 13th at the First Christian Church, 114 W. Grauwyler Road, in Irving, Texas.  The mountain dulcimer group will be led by Karl Neumann.  They will continue working on different jam tunes including Whiskey Before Breakfast. There is a simple version in the recent Dulcimer Players News that they will probably work on if folks want a sneak preview.  For hammered dulcimer:  the MD people will be working on a simplified version of Whiskey Before Breakfast, published in the DPN that's been out a while.  There is a version of Whiskey Before Breakfast posted on the LSSDS website, now.   It's the way most people around here play that tune, including the chords they use.   We'll examine both versions in that second HD workshop next Saturday.   THEN, we'll start reviewing NE Chestnuts things we learned another year.  Won't get through with everything, but we won't be bored.  Beginning at 6:00, Pot Luck 7:00, and Advanced 8:00. 

Time Changes:  We are changing the times of the November and January meetings to 1PM.  We talked about it a couple of meetings ago and everyone who was there was in agreement.  Those are during the winter months when it colder and gets dark early and most thought having them during daylight hours was a good idea.  So, mark your calendars appropriately.  If you come at 6 you will have the privilege of seeing us drive off.

The Winter Creek Reunion:  Plans are well underway for the 13th annual Winter Creek Reunion in Bennington, OK.  Featured performers include Bill Spence with Fenning's All Stars, Bing Futch, Karen and Chuck Daniels, Russell Cook, The Wright Family, David and Dana, Grandpa’s Neighbors and more.  This festival is held at David and Annette Lindsey’s Farm with a nice friendly country setting.  For more information go to:

Dulcimer For Sale:  For sale, a Master Works dulcimer made by Russell Cook when he had his shop in Arlington.  Alice Norris is moving and would love to sell it. It is a 16/15c ultra-light Hammer Dulcimer, approximately 14lbs.  It is made from standard walnut, 16 treble & 15 bass courses, over 3 octave range; 1 3/4 octave is chromatic.  It is in excellent condition.  She would like to sell it for 900.00.  It has the case, turner, wooden stand, and a music stand. All would be included.  For more information contact Alice at:

The Last Annual Winter Festival, February 20 & 21, 2015:  Yes, you read it right.  This will be our last Annual Winter Festival of Acoustic Music.  With decreasing attendance, increasing expenses and the large number of festivals being held it gets harder and harder to make ends meet.  Linda Thompson has sponsored this festival for the 25+ years that we’ve had it.  Be sure to thank her for all she’s done for us and let’s try to make the “Last” festival a humdinger.  Invite anyone and everyone you can.  It would be awesome to end on the “best ever”.  Watch this space and your mail boxes for more information but mark your calendars right now.  February 20-21, 2015.  (And while you’re at your friend’s house, sneak in and mark their calendars too.) 

The Walnut Valley Festival:  Otherwise known as “Winfield” this festival is held in Winfield, Kansas September 17-21.  There are four stages going from 9am to midnight, great arts and crafts areas, campground picking, contests, and just about as much fun as you can have playing or listening to music.  For more information on this extraordinary festival go to: