Lone Star State Dulcimer Society

November 10, 2012


November Meeting:  The November meeting of the LSSDS will be held on Saturday, November 10, at 6:00 p.m.  We will meet in at the Senter East Building in Irving, Texas. 


Email Newsletter:  If you would like to get the newsletter my email contact Joe Morgan at jmm1@flash.net.


2011 Meeting Dates and Times:  November 10:  Senter East Building, 6:00 p.m.  December:  No meeting. There will be a new meeting schedule for 2013 in the January newsletter.


Elections: We had elections last month and nothing changed.  The usual suspects were convicted to another term.  Results of that election are under review by a court of appeals and we ain’t discussing it right now.


Ol’ Time Music Jam: Don’t forget the good old-time music at Dallas Heritage Village from 2 to 4:30 on the first and third Saturdays of the month.  As always, your stringed instrument serves as your entry ticket into the village at no cost. Non-musician (friends and family) are supposed to pay a reduced fee of $5 for entry.  For more information contact:  Dean Barber (972)-890-3733.


Winter Creek Reunion Festival:  The Winter Creek Reunion was held on October 11-13 in Bennington, Oklahoma.  If you missed it you really missed a fun time.  Lots of great music, mostly beautiful weather, and a really great time of close fellowship when a monsoon came through during the evening concert, trapping the audience in the stage area with about 100 inches of rain falling on the metal roof at one time all while God entertained us with an incredible light display throughout the heavens.  (Oh and let me tell you, HE’S GOOD AT IT!)  Mark you calendars for next year, the second weekend in October.


The Old Mill Music Festival:  April and Lloyd Wright are presenting the very first Old Mill Music Festival in Kenard, Texas,  The dates are November 2 and 3 (Friday and Saturday).  The location is their home at the old saw mill in Kenard.  Featured performers include: The Prarie Acre, Hem and Haw Bluegrass Band, The Gillette Brothers, Steve Seifert, The Bailey Family, Rains, Hagins & Sandomirsky, The Wright Family, Steve and Sheryl Hartz, David Lindsey and Dana Hamilton, The Salt Rock Rounders, and The Sawmill Vagrants.  Stephen Seifert if hosting a 3 day mountain dulcimer workshopTuesday through Thursday.  For more information go to their website:  www.millfestmusic.com.


The Harp Guitar Gathering: The Harp Guitar Gatheringis an annual event celebrating the instrument known as the harp guitar, as well as its players, builders and history. The dates are November 2, 3 & 4, 2012.  The event will be held at The Uptown Theater in Grand Prairie, Texas.  Featured performers are:  Hiro Takai, Oleg Timofeyev, Keith Medley, Stephen Bennett,      Tim Donahue, Muriel Anderson, Andy Wahlberg, Mike Doolin, Gregg Miner, Don Alder and many more!  More information is available at harpsguitars.net.  Note from Joe: There will be two concerts as part of the Harp Guitar Gathering, Friday at 7:30 PM and Sunday at 3:00 PM.  Concert tickets can be purchased in advance until Wednesday for $15 and they will be available at the door for $20.  There is also a discount if you want to attend both concerts.  If you have any questions, contact me at jmm1@flash.net or call 972-523-3723.


Winterfest 2013:  If the Mayans are wrong we will be holding the Winterfestival of Acoustic Festival in Irving, Texas.  Featured performers this year include Tina Bergmann and Bryan Thomas, Stephen Seifert, Mark Nelson, and No Strings Attached.  The dates are February 22 and 23.  For more information and tentative schedules go to lssds.com or lssds.org.  More on this festival as time goes by and we are certain the Mayans aren’t right.  (And yet about half the people in the U.S. think the end of the world will occur on November 6th.  And half of them will be right!)


Glen Rose 2013:  We have started planning for the 32nd Annual Lone Star State Dulcimer Festival.  Planned performers thus far include Scenic Roots (a.k.a. Erin and Amber Rogers), Kendra Ward and Bob Bence, the Sawmill Vagrants, Russell Cook, Sweet Song String Band, Time Was, Scott Jackson,and a host of other well known musicians.  More on this later and as it become reality.


Crafts Festival Organizer Needed:  You might have noticed that the arts and crafts area at the Lone Star State Dulcimer Festival has gone to pot since the Jeters retired from the job.  It fell into you editor’s hands and as you can see I ain’t good at it.  Now here’s the plan:  If anyone knows a way to coax the Jeters out of retirement, DO IT NOW!  I’d even be willing to triple their pay.  Otherwise it will fall into my hands unless we have another person more gifted in the organization and maintenance of an arts and crafts fair than I am.


Instrument for Sale from Metta Zetty:  Dana Hamilton Hammered Dulcimer Set. Made by premier player and builder Dana Hamilton in Arlington, Texas.  This is a terrific find!  This set has everything you would need to get started playing.  14/13 size.  Made from gorgeous Zebrawood.  Maybe a little dusty but is in excellent condition. Comes with a ton of stuff!  Case, adjustable stand, 4 sets of hammers, a Boss TU-12H chromatic tuner, tuning wrench, lots of books and papers including tuning charts, sheet music, tune collections, etc. $1250 http://www.fiddlersgreenmusicshop.com/vintageused/miscellaneousused.html


Headstone:  I saw a headstone in the cemetery the other day.  It had and unusual but thoughtful saying on it.  “Died from not forwarding that email to at least ten people”.  Something to think about huh?