A Postscript from Linda Thompson:

It's not so much that the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing.   It's more that the left hand forgets what the right hand will be doing.

Karl Neumann and Linda Thompson are preparing workshops for the upcoming LSSDS meeting next Saturday evening.
The MD people will be working on the tabs that Betty Odum kindly provided for us for White Cockade.  In addition, they'll be going over some of the jam tunes.
The HD people will start by learning a new tune from New England Chestnuts that both Dana and Judy Hamilton and Linda used to LOVE to play.   It's called Chorus Jig, but it's Dana's kind of jig---one that's a reel.   There are PEI and Scottish jigs with very similar tunes, but this is a New England traditional reel.
After that, we'll review other NEC tunes we've already gone over. ALL OF THIS MUSIC IS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD AT LSSDS.COM
Dot com only

After the MD and HD people have done some separate tune learning, we’ll gather together to jam. A list and copies of the jam music are available at LSSDS.com. While the jam’s going on, Karl, David Lamberson, and Linda will be showing people who want to know what the chords we’re using are and where they can be found.

The most up-to-date WINTER FESTIVAL information will always be at LSSDS.com.